The FIRST Episode | #1 | FM23 Leicester City Rebuild | Football Manager 23

Added on Oct 20, 2022 From Jake Cooper

Welcome to my new Leicester City rebuild save in Football Manager 2023, the first FM23 rebuild series on this channel!

In this episode we take a look around the club and plan how we might go about changing the clubs fortunes!

With the aim of winning the champions league with Leicester, it will be a challenging save but a fun one! Big thanks to all of you who watch this video, whether you're new or have been here from the start.

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Jake Cooper Says:

Oct 20, 2022 - FM23 is here! I can't wait for this save, thanks for checking out the video and if you could smash the like button that would be massive in helping kickstart this series! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

shiki walik Says:

Dec 26, 2022 - Time to speed run this series

Fran Ma Says:

Dec 3, 2022 - Nice video, I like this series.

ΓΌmit reis Says:

Nov 24, 2022 - tactics link?

Bleachguy Says:

Nov 7, 2022 - srry im late to the party going to try watch a few vids today

Lee Ellis Says:

Nov 5, 2022 - You have such an amazing soft voice πŸ’“

Diputs stnemmoc Says:

Nov 1, 2022 - Who do u support?

Danygm25 Says:

Oct 27, 2022 - great content Jack! thank you! keep on doing a great save! looking forward for further experiences and tactis analysis.

Ricky Hand Says:

Oct 26, 2022 - Looking forward to this! Will be watching the second episode shortly!

DropUsHalf Says:

Oct 24, 2022 - New sub, over from FM scout