TCLP - April 2018 Highlights

In this video:

Ji Guanping (STEP Academy. St. Paul, MN) Ji Guanping’s students learn how to go shopping and bargain in Chinese.

Mahmoud Dahroug (Irving Elementary, Bozeman, MT) Mahmoud’s students are having a conversation in Arabic to introduce themselves and ask about how they are doing.

Su Di (Bonny Eagle Middle School, Buxton, ME) Su Di plays Knucklebones with her students to teach them how to count numbers more than ten in Chinese.

Yasser Hassan (Leicester High School, Leicester, MA) helps his students practice talking about their favorite sports in Arabic.

Li Chunping (Capt. Nathan Hale Middle School, Coventry, CT) Li Chunping’s students make PowerPoint presentations to practice talking about their daily routine in Chinese.

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